The Fine Line of Creating

I couldn't decide what I was hoping for going into First Friday at Silverleaf 406 last week. Part of me hoped for a big turnout (as anyone would) to get my art seen. But with Covid cases on the rise again and the anxiety of doing my first solo art show, the other part of me hoped it would be quiet. It ended up being just right: Quiet and relaxed, but successful enough that I managed to sell some stickers and get several compliments on my art.

I also made a bittersweet parting with my beloved "Gnomes" original. It was so exciting to make my first major art sale to a stranger and sad to let go of one of my favorite pieces, knowing I may never see it in person again. And I am so proud of myself for sticking to my asking price and not being talked down.

I have found that the art that gets popular always surprises me. It's never the art I expect. I can spend days working on a large piece that I absolutely love and get barely any response, and then I throw together a silly frog in a ballet outfit in a few hours, and it blows up on Facebook.

I feel like I am constantly walking a fine line: striving to create what I love so it never feels like work while also trying to figure out what art I should make to make my art business successful. It is a constant journey to find that little bit of overlap where the magic happens... and I am here for it.


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